May 07 2010

Walter at Buses By the Bridge

Back in January we took Walter the World’s Largest Volkswagen Bus up the Busses by the Bridge extravaganza in Lake Havasu City. The Busses by the Bridge event was a great time with loads of friendly people celebrating the Volkswagen bus culture and generally chilling out. Walter made lots of friends – people were taking there picture with him, parking their Volkswagen busses next to him to compare, dancing up top, and climbing all over him asking questions…and we’d have it no other way. We want to give a big shout to Ronnie and the whole Busses on the Bridge crew who made us feel totally at home and gave Walter a spot up front.

While we were there in Lake Havasu City, we had a videographer with us who captured a bunch of footage of the Volkswagen bliss. Below is an video that splices together the days events. You can also check out the video on Walter’s very own YouTube channel.

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