October 13 2010

All About Walter’s Journey to Burning Man 2010 – Yeah, It Ruled

Greetings to one and all. Since returning from Black Rock City, we’ve been at the Walter Dome vacuuming up the dust from the Playa, and now we’re ready to describe this year’s adventure at Burning Man. As always, the creative spirit of all the Burners was electrical (a wee bit more for Dr. Megavolt than most) and Walter had a blast breaking in his new lighting and sound system.

Walter the World's Largest Bus at Burning Man 2010

Walter loading onto trailer

Burning Man 2010 was Walter’s second year attending. He’s been through some significant transformational experiences since we went last, the most critical being his metamorphosis from a single cab to a 23 window bus! Kind of like human puberty, but with much more metal grinding. The new sound and light systems are extreme upgrades as well, but we’re going to get into details about both of those in some future posts. We did take the previous sound system and put it into PUG BUG, which you may have heard legends of panting and slobbering about.


Pug Bug (genus: Pugilicious) is a new addition to Tribe Walter. Give your applause to Charlotte, Jamie, Primo, Dave and his niece who all showered their love and creativity on Pug Bug to get her groomed and healthy for a romp on the playa. Her interior contains enough cozy room to seat 4 people and, as Pug Bug traveled around, she was exceptionally well received…especially from you pug fanatics out there. You people are wild about your dogs!


This year, Camp Walter hung with two other camps to form a triumvirate of joy, playfulness and co-habitation – the other camps were the world renowned VW Bus Camp and the charming Camp MiniMan. VW bus camp is the long standing established camp for all of us VW maniacs and we can’t give enough kudos to Gary Gibson for getting Camp Walter placed right next door. Camp Walter merged with another experienced camp, MiniMan, thanks to insiders, Ken and Charlie. Our three camps formed a fluid little village and Walter handed out plenty of sunset views, misting showers, and rides around the Playa.

Walter the Bus at Camp Walter Burning Man 2010

We had amazing neighbors including Doctor Megavolt with his enormous Tesla coil and the Skinny Kitty Tea House, the foundation of which is a mummified cat, replete with piano bar and aerialist shows.


So we drove Walter to something called the White Party one evening, turned off Walter’s sound system, and started to party. And much to our surprise so did Walter. Turns out that his crazy new light system has an ambient sound detector that not even the installer knew was there. As the music from the White Party thumped, Walter’s LEDs and lasers began to pulse, blink, flash, throb, quake, and some other wild behavior – all in rhythm with the music. At first we figured someone had spiked his drink, but he was just too damned coherent. We soon figured out what the scenario was and have learned that our dear boy has some wicked aural capabilities.

World's Largest Volkswagen Bus


Thankfully we never had expectations for just how much Walter could do, because at Burning Man he mutated into a Chapel. Now he has another first under his belt after Paige and Kurt from VW Bus Camp tied the knot up on top of Walter at sunset. Big Up to Annie for delivering the ministerial duties. After that, all enjoyed the fire dancing and then it was back to VW camp for the reception at the tiki lounge.


Walter and Pug Bug also took trips to the Kids Camp at Burning Man. All told, Walter ferried about 40 kids and parents from Kids Camp out to Center Camp. The kids took control of the misters to spray down all the Burners and an amazing dance party organically developed with Walter at the center.


We have to give a shout out to TinyTropolis just because it was such a cool part of Burning Man 2010. TinyTropolis was an art project where artists created dioramas inside of small boxes that were then placed out in the center of town for all the Burners to peek through peep holes to enjoy. They were all amazing and Tribe Walter kids, Emily, Madi, Charlotte, and Jasper created one of the best with the help of Rob.   The picture below shows the interior.


Patrick Moran www.morangallery.com started a painting at BM that includes Walter, so we’re providing the teaser trailer for it here. Soon enough the director’s cut will be unfurled and we’ll share it with all of you.

That’s it for now. Keep tuning in as we’ll be having updates on the Jerome Jamboree, sound system, and new lighting coming up in the next few weeks.

Burn baby, Burn…

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