December 27 2011

Walter’s First Salon

For a long while we’ve been kicking around the peanut of having ongoing Salon sessions.  Salons are, historically, conversations sessions between a bunch thinkers/friends regarding a topic that is artistic, political, philosophical, et cetera.  Our time machine broke, so we’re just guessing on the et cetera part, but feel confident booze and stream of consciousness was involved throughout the centuries (Learn more about Salons); and the TedX Series of talks is relevant, although they’re not an immediate collaborative gathering.

So recently, Walter hosted the inaugural Salon session.  The gathering of super-duper persons convened to discuss a topic near and dear to our hearts…indeed, the conversation was about a heart – Walter’s heart.  If you guessed that Re-Powering Walter was the topic, then pat yourself on the back.  Now do it again.  Indeed, after Walter’s ‘heart-attack’ coming down the mountain in Jerome which blew a more than 7” inch hole in the side of his engine, the topic of re-powering our beloved bus has been the main concern of us all.  Even Obama called.  IMAGES ARE BELOW!

To this end, Walter gathered the following list of friends and thinkers that were quickly-become-friends to engage the topic and one another for a solution (funny hats were not worn in the making of this video.)

Kirk Strawn – self professed, yet easily agreed upon, luckiest boy in the world.

Rob Larsen – that guy who keeps bringing up “safety”.  And brilliant engineer.

Siggy Cordelier – resident Frenchmen, manager of Walter projects, and “body-man”.

Dave Roberson – Walter’s surgeon and Manager of Alternative Auto Care.

Jim[bo] Raines – Walter’s co-surgeon and mechanic at Alternative Auto Care.

Carol Roberson – Synergist and Walter Project Mama.

Martha Baker – Architect, dancer, artist, Halloween Fox.

Joel Dry – brings light into the darkness.  Co-owner of Optolum Lighting .

Clare Van Ausdale – the guy who asked the funny question and alternative energy mechanical genius with Stirling engines, solar, methane, and more.

Alex Kohli – Bassist and refuses to believe Jerry Garcia died, Emmy award-winning animator.

James Palazzolo – writer, Walter projects assistant and well-dressed pickle.

James Quaid – alternative energy guru, mechanic, and fool for the Nah‘rleans.

Mark Sanchez – videographer, tall tales and fire-faller-inner.

Ultimately, the Salon ended a bit early due to another engagement about beer.  However, we decided to go ahead with a transplant.  Walter’s new heart will consist of <here’s where I need the details from you>.

Keep an eye here for more Walter adventure stories and especially on Facebook where Big W posts lots of pictures and interesting news all the doo-dah-day.


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