January 06 2012

A Year of Parades in Review, Walter Style

We fell off the wagon (the bus, perhaps?) regarding keeping you all apprised of what the Adventures of W(alter) including events from somewhere between December Aught ’10 to this very moment of your eyeballs crawling the digital sphere right…now!

We’re here now to recap some of what’s gone down, transpired, shone and inspired because we know you crave your W fix.  First:  WE LOVE A PARADE…

Let’s face it – 2010-11 was the year Walter cut loose and started showing his handsome face around the town and globe.  No, he’s no Kardashian media-tramp – our boy isn’t in it to be fawned at, although he doesn’t mind attention.  First came the Light Parade in December 2010 as an invitee of the Arizona Bus Club in this love affair with all things luminescent.  He’s not bragging, but Walter and the bus club drove off with the Mayor’s Award for burning up the darkness, cranking tunes, and forcing a smile onto the face of even the most devout Grinch.

Check out the AZ Bus Club Light Parade HERE.

Next we rolled onto the set of the Fiesta Bowl Parade 2011 (VIDEO) and turned the volume up to 11.  We were honored that Terry Ricketts, Chairman of the parade, decided to use Walter as his chariot for the parade and brought along his clan in full clown regalia.  Walter also carted along over 50 persons as the crowd waved and hooted.

Our final parade for the 2011 season was the Prada Del Sol, which historically is an animal/horse drawn parade.  In keeping with the spirit of being covered in hair, sweat, and a saddle, one of Walter’s dearest and oldest buddies – Naaaaattthhhhhhhaaaaaan WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDD (said to the theme of Pigs In Space) – crafted some glory to don his crown: a GIANT set of horns.  Pug Bug took the lead in front, forecasting the braying of a bull through her speakers to announce the behemoth gently strutting behind.  And then our left horn kinda struck a tree…but without Malice, Mr. Lorax, so just chill out.  Luckily for the planet’s orbit the horn is hinged and swung free otherwise gravity was imperiled.  Nathan’s Horns O’ Plenty are a constant presence of pleasure to the W-Crew and will be mounted at the Dome.

More to come in a following post…Peace!

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