January 14 2012

Burn Camp and Battle O’ the Bands 2010

Another duo of Awesomeness last year was the Walterdome High School Battle of Bands which supported Walter’s debut at Burn Camp.

On May 21st, The Battle of the Bands was an absolute blast with six high school bands competing for a Judge’s Prize as well as a People’s Choice Award.  Playing both originals and covers, the bands blew away the crowds with their skills and showmanship.  The vibe was brilliant and rocking as set after set of ambitious jamming took to the stage.  Ted Brown’s Mailbox took both awards but every band was a winner as far as Walter was concerned.

All the proceeds of the event went towards getting Walter to Burn Camp.  AZ Burn Camp is a retreat for kids who have suffered the trauma of a burn injury.  After cruising up to Prescott and taking a slooooow ride down 8 miles of dirt road into the woods, Walter arrived at the Burn Camp location.

Burn Camp occurred the week of June 13th in a secluded area of Prescott, Arizona.  Walter’s favorite musician Jeff Java jammed out some dulceth tunes around a campfire for the kids one evening and there were DJs on other evenings to help the group get funky.  During the days, Walter laid down a waterslide and propped up a dunk tank to help cool everyone down.  There were water gun sneak attacks (and full frontal assaults), Walter mister system running full throttle and of course the stereo was pumping pretty much constantly.

Big Kudos from Walter to the camp staff and fire fighters that donate their time to coordinating and running the amazing Burn Camp event

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