This page is for the gear-head in all of you who want more detail about Walter’s specifications. We’ll start with a history lesson in Walter crash trucks and then get more detailed. “In 1959, the Walter Truck Company and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the Class 1500 crash truck. This was the first Walter crash truck to have aluminum body-work and unitized body construction. The trucks were stationed at military nuclear missile sites around the county. When the trucks were retired from service, many were sold to civilian airports, still in like-new condition.

“Late in 1959, the CF model crash truck was designed and developed. Basically it was a larger, more advanced version of the military Class 1500 model. While the class 1500 had aluminum body panels, the CF featured an all-aluminum frame and body. This was the first crash truck ever constructed entirely out of aluminum. The CF remained in production until the mid 1960’s and saw service at many airports.”* Walter is a 1963 CF model crash truck.

*Many thanks to Mark B. Simiele, author of Walter Classic Retrospective Volume 2 for the history lesson. You can purchase Mark’s awesome and informational book on Walter trucks at hankstruckpictures.com/walter_truck_books.htm.